Cakephp Session Handling Errors

Aaaaaargh.  If you see this when you put your cakephp app on a shared hosting environment:

Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct

Here’s the fix that worked for me:

Look in  /app/Config/core.php and you will probably see this:

Configure::write(‘Session’, array(
‘defaults’ => ‘php’

Change this to:

Configure::write(‘Session’, array(
‘defaults’ => ‘cake’

see –

I found the answer here –

To quote Christian Strang:  “By default CakePHP uses the folder which is set in php.ini. This folder couldn’t be accessed in my hosting-environment (and I was not allowed to change the php.ini).  ….. This way, cake uses his own tmp-folder to store the session files. Also make sure that the tmp folder and his subfolders are writeable.”




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