Changing the Theme in SugarCRM – Updated

Phew! Finally cracked how to change the Theme in SugarCRM Community Edition, I’m using 6.5.2 incidentally.

OK here’s how it’s done:

  • First of all you’ll need an additional Theme to choose – I like this one –  SpecINFO Blue Theme
  • Download it and install it using the Module Loader
  • If you want your new theme to be the default then in the root of your Sugar instance go to config.php and change the setting for ‘default_theme’ to the name of your new theme, in this case: ‘default_theme’ => ‘SpecINFO_Blue’
  • Now for the “clever” bit. Open the file  /include/MVC/View/SugarView.php and comment out or delete the line – if(SugarThemeRegistry::current()->name == ‘Classic’)
  • Logged in as Admin to a quick Repair and Rebuild and you should find your default theme has changed.
  • Also your users will now be able to choose their own theme under their individual settings. If you don’t know already these are accessed by the User clicking on their name in the top right of the screen.


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