Here’s a quick way to plan a website

Recently I’ve become interested in streamlining workflow and planning projects in an efficient way. I stumbled across this tool today at which I think is amazing.

I signed up for the free account and spent around half an hour putting together the bare bones of a four page brochure website. Where this tool really comes in handy is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge in order to outline what your website is going to contain in terms of content.

So let’s say you’re working on a project for a client and collaborating with a Content Writer and an SEO specialist. You can all work on the project at the same time. All you need to do is set up the project online; click on then project name; select Team Members and invite your collaborators by e-mail. So your process could be that the designer goes off and comes up with some suggested layouts, when he or she is ready for feedback from the client these can be uploaded. The Content Writer can do their thing directly on the page mock-ups and then the SEO expert can work their magic on the content once it has been added.

I made a very basic four page mock-up for an imaginary project called Morgans Organs. The wire-frame view also include a set this preview to public option, you can see my efforts here

Also if you’re a massive wordpress fan like me it’s worth noting that the paid account has the facility to import into wordpress.

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