SugarCRM Permissions

To the say the least I’m finding SugarCRM to be a peculiar beast.

Recently I had to resolve an issue where no matter what I did in Studio the Accounts module would not update to my customizations.

Hopefully this will save both me and someone else some stress in the future.

Here’s a guide to SugarCRM required File System Permissions on Linux

I used the command line approach on my localhost LAMP stack and it appears to have resolved any issues.

$ cd /var/www/html/sugar
$ chmod 664 config.php
$ chmod -R 775 cache custom data modules

I find the quagmire of SugarCRM Documentation to be about as clear as a very muddy lake that someone just threw oil into so I hope it saves you some time.

I also stumbled across these resources during my tribulations:

Setting File Permissions and Ownership in config.php

There is another post by John Mertic on the SugarCRM Developer Blog A newbies guide to getting your SugarCRM instance’s permissions right although you’re probably better off going to the original post How to easily set permissions – for newbies

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