Shortcodes in Widgets for Plugin Authors

Just overcome something which could have turned out to be a nightmare thanks to this guy.

So a plugin I’m currently working on uses Widgets which need to be able to support shortcode output.

In the legacy version I was using custom post types for the widget content and outputting that using the the_content() function worked fine provided I had added:

  • add_filter( ‘widget_text’, ‘shortcode_unautop’);
  • add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’, 11);

So far so good. Until I started using Post Meta data instead of custom posts this meant my widget included output similar to this:


$myvar = “hello [myshortcode]”;
echo $myvar;


This was rendering as just a string on the screen reading – “hello [myshortcode]”. Bummer!

Anyway the fix is simple.


$myvar = “hello [myshortcode]”;
$myvar = do_shortcode($myvar);
echo $myvar;


Easy when you know how right?

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