Virtualbox – Goodbye XAMPP Hello Virtual Lamp Stack

I recently found myself working on a Windows 8 machine and needed to set up a local development environment for Worpdress. Previously I would have installed something like XAMPP and gone through the usual windows installation dtramas. A good friend of mine, who is an uber-nerd recommended something called VirtualBox a while ago because I’d asked advice about learning about Unix sysadmin, setting up DNS and so forth. So I thought rather than mess around with some LAMP imitator why don’t I just give this VirtualBox malarchy a go?

What’s that all about?

What you’re actually doing when you use VirtualBox is setting up another “virtual computer” which runs on your “host computer”.

There’s a really good guide here for anyone who wants to give this a try. Just a quick heads-up, the install of the operating system on the Virtual Machine does appear to take quite a long time. I’ll be leaving mine overnight to install.

Quick update. After leaving the install running overnight I had to do it again. Worked much quicker on second attempt.

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One comment on “Virtualbox – Goodbye XAMPP Hello Virtual Lamp Stack
  1. Neil Brooks says:

    This is the setup I have used for some years now, having developed sites in WordPress, Joomla and even Mambo (blimee that was a while ago). I decided that having your own virtual stack was the way to go for a number of reasons and though it is initially a little more work to get off the ground, if you are up to the challenge.

    You get to learn a bit about Linux or BSD or variant of. You get to learn how to setup and use Apache or whichever web server you decide to use, such as Cherokee, Hiawatha, NGINX, setting up php and other add ins, python, perl etc etc…Plus of course MySQL and now MariaDB.

    Of course Windows will run much of this stuff happily these days and IIS will provde a fine enough server for your dev work, I just figure as much of what we work on is going to end up on a LAMP server we may as well use a LAMP to dev it on.

    I run a number of VBox machines, for various projects I have 2 Ubuntu 12.04 server boxes, a debian Wheezy box, I also have a Win7 box and a couple of flavours or Linux, OpenSuse and a Mint box. All very useful.

    Anyway keep up the good work here on Nerdy…and good luck with your studies.


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