Paypal Sandbox and WooCommerce

Found a great, straightforward article today on setting up Paypal Sandbox Testing on a WooCommerce wordpress website.

Just a quick caveat. If you’re not in the US you’ll need to sign up for a PayPal account at


Here’s a very short list of instructions

PayPal Sandbox

  • Sign Up for a PayPal Account for your online business
  • Login in to
  • Set up a Merchant account and a Buyer account under ApplicationsSandbox Accounts


  • WooCommerce – Settings – Payment Gateways – Paypal
    • Check Enable Paypal Standard
    • Enter Your PayPal Test merchant email in the PayPal Email and Receiver Email boxes.
    • In the Gateway Testing section check Enable PayPal sandbox

That’s it you should be ready to run test transactions through your website.

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One comment on “Paypal Sandbox and WooCommerce
  1. Vix says:

    Hi I have a quick question – why can’t I see the transaction from both sides? I can only see the buyer not the merchant transaction

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