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Enable Mod Rewrite in WAMP on Windows

As I have to keep looking this up periodically, I’m making notes for this here. The most straightforward write-up I’ve seen on this of late can be found here. How to enable mod rewrite in WAMP Click on the WAMP

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How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

There’s a great walkthrough on how to set up Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu here. But for brevity’s sake here’s a shortened version Install Apache sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 Install MySQL sudo apt-get install mysql-server

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Virtualbox – Goodbye XAMPP Hello Virtual Lamp Stack

I recently found myself working on a Windows 8 machine and needed to set up a local development environment for Worpdress. Previously I would have installed something like XAMPP and gone through the usual windows installation dtramas. A good friend

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Dates in php part 2 – saving dates to mysql

Came across a problem today where I needed to save value from a jQuery datepicker in dd-mm-yy format to a mysql database date column. Solution: $expiry = new DateTime($expiry); $expiry = date_format ( $expiry, ‘Y-m-d’ ); Then to display it

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Dates in php part 1

Let’s say you’re querying a MySql Database and it has a datetime field called ‘datecreated’ – you will actually end up with an error if you try to apply date_format to the output. e.g.  Let’s say we have a record

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