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How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

There’s a great walkthrough on how to set up Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu here. But for brevity’s sake here’s a shortened version Install Apache sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 Install MySQL sudo apt-get install mysql-server

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Virtualbox – Goodbye XAMPP Hello Virtual Lamp Stack

I recently found myself working on a Windows 8 machine and needed to set up a local development environment for Worpdress. Previously I would have installed something like XAMPP and gone through the usual windows installation dtramas. A good friend

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Java on Ubuntu

I was messing around with screen-cast software today and found that I needed to sort out both the Java Run-time Environment and Java Plugins for Firefox and Chrome on my Ubuntu machine. This was very useful. Basically just run

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Converting MP4 to AVI in Ubuntu with FFMEG

I found this very useful – today when I needed to convert an MP4 to AVI. Just run the following in terminal: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Navigate to where your video MP4 file is and run: ffmpeg -i filename.mp4

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Delete Skype History on Ubuntu

With Skype not running open your home folder select show hidden files find the one .skype rename it to .skypeold (or what ever). Once you have logged back on skype you can delete the renamed folder source:

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