Marketing Plugins to Help Generate Leads

Found a couple of what look to be excellent plugins today to help with Calls to Action and Lead Generation.

WordPress Calls to Action

This plugin is awesome! You can find it in the WordPress Plugin Repository here

Features include A/B Testing, shortcodes to add your calls to action to individual posts, pages or even the sidebar. You can even rotate different calls to action

WordPress Leads

This is basically a mini CRM system for WordPress put together by the same team who created the Calls to Action plugin. You can find this one in the WordPress plugin repository here. I’ll be implementing both on my personal website in the near future.

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White Label CMS for WordPress

Just taken this plugin for a spin. Have to say I’m very impressed.

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How to make the WordPress Login Page look like the rest of your website

If you need to make your wordpress login screen look consistant with the rest of your website then this plugin does the job quickly.

Big thumbs up from me.

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Adding a Login link to WordPress Front-end

If you need to add a login/logout link to the front-end of a wordpress website here’s how:

  • Open header.php in your currently active theme folder
  • add: <?php wp_loginout(); ?>

That’s it.

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Simplify the WordPress Admin Area

The plugin Admin UI Simplificator comes in very handy if you need to simplify the WordPress admin area for a client quickly.

There’s also an excellent tutorial on on rolling your own plugin to do the same job.

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Design Approval System

I stumbled upon this plugin recently, it looks awesome!

I’ll follow up on this once I’ve taken it for a test drive.

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List Posts from a Category inside a Page

If you need a quick way to include posts from one or even multiple Post Categories inside a Page on your WordPress website this plugin is a great time-saver.

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